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Alanna - Naturally Beautiful

Alanna - Naturally Beautiful

28th July 2017


Alanna – Nature’s glory

Rashi Bahel was toiling away in corporate world when she started whipping up healthy and natural skin and hair care products at home. Her inclination towards skincare lead her to research online, study and experiment with recipes. Bahel shared a few samples with family and friends and received a positive response. But, it was only after posting about her products on social media that she realised that there is a market for her products. With an aim to create an organic brand which was also easy on the pocket, Bahel launched Alanna.

Why Alanna, we ask her and she says, “I was looking for synonyms for beauty and that’s when I came across this word Alanna which means innocent child and purity. It was a perfect fit for the brand.”

Alanna started as a small home based setup but Bahel had to eventually scale it up to put the certifications in place. The brand is FDAI certified, PETA certified which means its cruelty free and QMP certified for quality control. “People like to experiment less when it comes to skincare products. They want to use stuff that’s created in a standardised setup and has a brand value attached to it,” says Bahel.

Alanna offers remedies for all kinds of skin issues. Their Activated Charcoal and Green Tea Soap is the best seller. “Charcoal wasn’t too popular when I started in 2015, but now it’s everywhere,” says Bahel. It helps in treating acne, pigmentation, blemishes and acne marks. The Strawberry Body Butter is excellent for dry skin; it smells delicious too, “we had it on display at a pop-up recently and it sold out just based on its smell,” she says. There’s a whole range of products for dry and oily skin types. The Chocolate Soap helps people with eczema. Alanna takes a consultative approach towards their customers. You can log-on to their website or social media accounts and the team will guide you to the right product as per your skin type and issues.

The ingredients are sourced from all over India and it’s represented in the packaging for example, the charcoal is sourced from Bihar and so the packaging of all charcoal products has a sketch of an ancient temple from that region. Similarly, the rose based products have Ajanta Ellora caves on its packaging since rose is sourced from Maharashtra.


From the charcoal range, the Deep Cleanser Mask is another best seller. Unlike the ones available in market with clay or powder base, this mask is gel based with an addition of oil. It helps tone down the harshness of charcoal. “We have got reviews from our customers that it’s their perfect party mask. They instantly feel that the skin gets cleaner after applying this mask,” says Bahel. The Golden Glow Mask with avocado and turmeric has been picked by Wedding Sutra – the wedding planning website. It gives the perfect bridal glow. All of Alanna products are unisex and interestingly 51 per cent of their customers are men. Being natural and preservative free, the skin and hair care products have a shelf life of a year.

While there’s a market for healthy skincare products, there are certainly a few challenges too, “the biggest one is the mindset. When we tell our customers that our products are 100 per cent natural and not to expensive they look at us in disbelief. It’s been strongly fed into their system that natural is expensive. But once they start using the products they are convinced and become our repeat customers,” says Bahel, “they become our biggest ambassadors,” she adds.

Personally, we absolutely love Alanna’s Sandalwood and Vetiver Shower Gel for its earthy fragrance and cleansing properties, the Avocado and Aloe Vera body butter is a great combination for smooth skin and the Golden Glow Mask is a perfect pick me up for the face.

Alanna products are available on their own website as well as sites like Smitten, Engraved and Culture Truck. They’ll be soon available on Amazon and Nykaa.

Written by: Shirin Mehrotra
Edited by: Raveena Taurani
Image Credit: Budhaditya Mukhuty

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