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JURU Yoga - Mats that matter

JURU Yoga - Mats that matter

28th July 2017


JURU Yoga – A mat that matters

Have you ever wondered what you are breathing on your store bought yoga mat made of PVC? That’s the question that popped-up in Puja Borker’s head and lead her to creating bio degradable yoga mats. Borker is a certified yoga teacher and has worked as a creative consultant for a yoga studio and yoga app. “The quest to find good mats started when I was pursuing my teacher’s training course in Yoga,” says Borker, “I was struggling with PVC mats, facing the same problem that most of the yoga teachers and practitioners experience - flaking, mat smell, slippery surface, etc,” she adds.

As her daily practice advanced, Borker’s need to find a good mat kept growing. When she didn’t find a good locally made mat, she started researching on what goes into making one. That’s when she met her partner, also a yoga teacher. Together they took feedback from their students and friends and launched their first made-in- India natural mat-over. And since their first mat was made with natural rubber and jute, Borker came up with the name JURU, a portmanteau of jute and rubber. In a foreign language the word Juru is also an exclamation to celebrate a pleasant discovery.

The requests for a yoga mat started pouring over after the launch of the mat overlay (mat-over). JURU, being a made-in- India and eco-friendly brand gained a lot of interest and appreciation. The enthusiasm around the need for a healthier option lead Borker to launch Mandala and Shakti Yoga Mats. These mats have a cork base which naturally kills odour, bacteria and germs caused due to perspiration. The natural rubber in the mat ensures it doesn’t slip as you practice on it. The mat does not chip or flake making it last longer. The brand’s philosophy lies in giving back to the nature which weaves in the idea of biodegradable mats.

Juru Yoga

Apart from mat overlays and yoga mats, JURU also has travel mats and whole range of yoga props and accessories such as blocks, belts, bolsters, pillows, mat carriers, etc.

Within two and a half years of launching its first mat, JURU Yoga has already expanded its reach all over India and is also present in Europe. 10 months ago Borker decided to launch JURU as a Pvt. Ltd. Company and that’s when her husband, Sudarshan Borker who has a startup experience of over 13 years, joined her to take the company ahead. The plans are to launch in other international markets too.

JURU is a lifestyle brand that draws inspiration from Yoga philosophy, which finds its roots in India but continues to be boundless, inspiring people world over. Borker wishes to build a yoga community of like-minded people, understand their needs and continue to work and grow with their customers.

JURU mats and other accessories can be ordered directly from their website: www.juruyoga.com/

Written by: Shirin Mehrotra
Edited by: Raveena Taurani
Image Credit: JURU Yoga

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