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Love the World Today

Love the World Today

28th July 2017


Love the World Today

Founded by sister duo Dipti and Dipna, this kids clothing brand has roots in their childhood memories. “Don’t try to rush things that need time to grow”. Resurrecting carefree somersaults, unending hula-hoops, merry go-rounds, bedtime stories and conversations with the moon their clothes resonate with these childhood memories. They take pride in making clothes that let little ones be little; Clothes that are about big smiles, soiled feet and a general sense of life that felt right.

They love what they do and their cheery, chirpy faces give it all as they gush about their brand story. Taking a big step for pretty little feet in the right direction, Love the World Today makes quality clothing for kids in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Their clothes are made with natural fibres, organic fabrics, fabrics hand woven by artisans and weavers across the country. They use dyes that are herbal thus having a low impact on the environment – All this while caring for everyone and everything involved in the process. And in return all they ask is for kids to care about the little big things in life. Too cute!

 Love the World Today

We absolutely adore their collection. In their current line of products, we love the Dear Japan series of clothes. The beauty of their clothes lies in the simplicity of their designs. With a new addition of women wear, Love the World Today provides the best option for you to play dress up with your child.

Sustainability is the weave pattern and when your child outgrows LTWT clothes, just drop them a mail and they will help you donate the good ones and upcycle the not so good ones, and share them with the other little feet that need them. “After all, loving the world is also about how you let go”, they say.

Written by: Mili Semlani
Edited by: Raveena Taurani
Video and Image Credit: Nishtha Sadwelkar

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