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Meera Jewellery – Carved In Stone

Meera Jewellery – Carved In Stone

02nd August 2017


Meera Jewellery – Carved In Stone

Born to parents who’s focus career wise is in jewellery, the understanding of this field is in Jinal’s DNA. However, she didn’t want to get into the business of traditional silver and gold jewellery. “My love for stones started as a kid at my Nani’s village near the Gulf of Gujarat. We would collect stones from near the sea and would spend the entire summer making neck pieces, earrings and bracelets with it,” says Jinal. “I loved wearing them during school vacations, parties and any time I would go out with my parents,” she adds.

The commerce graduate went on to do an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Ahmedabad where she learnt about starting a business. She launched a start-up that designed, planned and organized surprise events. Stone jewellery remained more of a hobby for Jinal all this while.

Her start-up took a backseat after she got married but the stone work continued. “My sister in law was once visiting from abroad. She took some of my pieces with her and her friends back there loved them,” says Jinal. The positive response she received encouraged her to pursue her love for stone jewellery professionally. But, Jinal’s brand of jewellery is vastly different from that of her parents. All her pieces are made entirely out of stones that she collects from the coastal belt of India, “I retain the natural shape of the stones that I collect and that’s the USP of Meera. No two stones are the same and that’s what adds to the beauty,” says Jinal.

Why the name Meera, we ask her and she says, “Like Meera was completely devoted to Lord Krishna and passionate about him, I am passionate about the stones. And I want that passion to translate into my jewellery. I want people to feel that passion when they wear my pieces. I don’t repeat my designs. So the piece that you buy from me will be one of its kind,” she says.

The inspiration for her designs comes to her instinctively and is completely based on the kind of stones she has sourced. Jinal has a team of craftsmen who cut the stone and create the final pieces as per her instructions.

In her current collection, Jinal has worked on a flower theme where she has added hand-made and hand painted flowers into the jewellery. These flowers are made of superior polymer clay and take about 15-20 days to make. They don’t break easily unless you apply major pressure. “It’s a perfect collection for the wedding season when the bride usually wears flowers for her Haldi ceremony,”.

Personally, we love the stone jewellery available at Meera that combines different colours and textures. They have matching sets of earrings and necklaces and we absolutely love the set that we have used in our images.

At present Jinal uses Whatsapp to reach out to her clients. She constantly keeps them updated of her new design launches and takes orders via her phone. She can be reached at 9898008609 to place an order. You can view her products via her Facebook Page or through her Instagram

Written by: Shirin Mehrotra
Edited by: Raveena Taurani
Image Credit: Meghna Bhalla
Video Edit Credit: Nishtha Sadwelkar
Styled by: Jaya Taurani
Makeup: Ritika Turakhia
Hair By: Suman

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