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Shuddhi Therapy

Shuddhi Therapy

28th July 2017


Shuddhi Therapy – Purification of mind, body, soul

Music has healing powers, we all know that but Shikha and Richard of Shiva’s Abode use this power to create a product that purifies the mind, body and soul. Shiva’s Abode is an umbrella under which alternative healers conduct healing sessions and meditations, “The principle is to live a paradise on earth through living our life’s purpose,” says Shikha.

“We believe that every disease is psycho somatic in nature, every thought gets converted into a thing. Negative thoughts affect you negatively and vice versa. Reverse the thought process and the ailment gets reversed,” says Richard. The couple uses various alternative healing methods based on the principle of Nara-Nari balancing: balancing of the feminine and masculine essence within each individual. The couple also conducts regular workshops called Tanday. These workshops are geared towards understanding the purpose of life while encouraging each individual to walk on that path of purpose. Shuddhi Therapy too is based on the same concept. The duo believes that every ailment in the body is because of an impurity within the frame of mind.

Shuddhi Therapy is a branch of Shiva’s Abode where the duo creates skin and health care products based on purification. The brand has three offerings: a multi-purpose healing oil for joint and muscular pains, cold, sinus, migraine, arthritis, fatigue, menstrual cramp, dermatitis etc.; a holistic skin care paste which can be used like a scrub and a skin care bar which can be used as a soap. The paste, Shikha tells us – “purifies the aura, removes tanning, pigmentation, blemishes etc. as well as contributes towards cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturising the skin”

“Shuddhi Therapy happened to us rather than us happening to it,” says Richard. Shikha suffered from major sciatica pain just a few days prior to her wedding with Richard. When all other treatments failed, Shikha intuitively channelled a recipe. “We realised while exchanging notes that Richard and I thought of the same recipe,” says Shikha. The pain healed and the oil was accepted with a positive response even by the people who attended their wedding. The two started making it on a larger scale to sell at pop-ups, farmers markets’ and healing festivals.


Shuddhi Therapy

The oil, which is the flagship product of Shuddhi Therapy has extra virgin coconut oil, saffron, camphor, ashwagandha, bel, rudraksha seeds, crystals etc. This mix is then infused with mantras and chants which Shikha and Richard compose into music and sing while the oil brews. “The sound vibrations work like magic,” says Richard. Having personally used their skin care oil, we can confidently say it definitely worked wonders in terms of reducing pigmentation, blemishes and providing much needed healing for any muscle pain. The skin care paste has herbs like neem and tulsi along with deodar, bel, agar and the healing oil and is a much thicker consistency. We also love the soap bar as it leaves the skin feeling soft and supple on any given day.

The brand is soon to launch a hair care mousse and skin care serum too. Shuddhi products can be ordered via the website or through their social media pages. Shikha and Richard are also regularly seen at Farmers markets’ and Healing festivals across India.

Written by: Shirin Mehrotra
Edited by: Raveena Taurani
Image Credit: Budhaditya Mukhuty

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