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Studio Ostara – Celebrate Uniqueness

Studio Ostara – Celebrate Uniqueness

28th July 2017


Studio Ostara – Celebrate uniqueness

Beauty is all about finding the perfection in the imperfection and when you look at nature that’s what you get. This is what Pakshalika, the heart and brain behind Studio Ostara believes in. An editor by profession, she was looking for a creative outlet when the idea of stone jewellery struck her; her interest in fashion and jewellery helped her dive into it.

The six month old brand has jewellery made with natural stones coupled with hand crafted thread work and metal work. “Through these jewellery pieces I am trying to tell people to not get fixated on everything that falls in a mold. Look at the beauty that lies in the imperfections of nature. That’s our brand ethos,” says Pakshalika who finds an appeal in the movement towards slow fashion. “Why buy from a factory that mass produces, why not look at every single piece as it is,” she adds.

The name of the brand is inspired from the Goddess Ostara of spring equinox. When the axis of the earth tilts and goes from winter to spring, the earth bursts into vitality, rejuvenation and renewal. “I felt compelled by this narrative. I looked at my jewellery and felt inspired that whatever I am doing should showcase that change. I am trying to pay homage to the goddess Ostara through our hand crafted jewellery,” says Pakshalika.

The brand gets its supply of stones from Jaipur and worked on by local artisans. The designs are reated to suit both ethnic as well as modern wear. “We cater to what I think will work across. Some pieces are chunkier statement pieces that don’t require any other jewellery and some are lighter pieces that can be worn at work as well as at a party,” says Pakshalika. There’s a lot of focus on showcasing the work of local artisans and the magic that they can create. Every Studio Ostara piece is unique and no two jewellery pieces look the same. The brand also does customized jewellery based on your requirement and taste.

Stones are also known for their healing power and that’s another aspect that Pakshalika focuses on when picking stones for her jewellery, “I try to look at them from the perspective of colour therapy. There are endless colours and if we could incorporate them in our wardrobe then why not for example rose quads are really good for relationships,” she says.

Studio Ostara

“Working on hand crafted stone jewellery has also affected my purchase decisions. I would rather shop local, go organic and go back to my roots,” says Pakshalika.

At present Studio Ostara jewellery is available at various pop-ups or can be ordered via the brand's social media pages.

Written by: Shirin Mehrotra 
Edited by: Raveena Taurani
Image Credit: Meghna Bhalla
Styled by: Jaya Taurani
Makeup by: Ritika Turakhia
Hair by: Suman

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