What is Yogisattva?

Yogisattva is India’s First Whole Foods Plant Based Culinary Academy combined with a Farm to Fork delivery kitchen located in Mumbai. We source organic directly from farmers and all our food is vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free. We create each fresh dishes the same day of your order to ensure maximum nutritional value and quality. By placing orders in advance, we ensure food is delivered to your doorstep on time. Enjoy our unprocessed nutrient dense and super tasty plant based food and dessert at the convenience of your own home. 


How does Yogisattva work?

1. Check the Menu Tab to place an order for food.

2. Upon payment for food delivery, your order will be delivered the next working day if you place the order before 6pm. If you place the order after 6pm, it will be delivered for the day after the next working day.

3. We have outsourced our delivery to WeFast, their riders will be responsible for delivery of the order. You will receive a confirmation message from our team and the delivery agent’s number at the time of delivery to coordinate the same from your end too.

4. You can either choose to pay for delivery at the time of checkout - we charge a flat fee of Rs 350/- or you can pay the rider the delivery fee in cash directly once he arrives. We charge a flat fee based on your pincode or you can choose to schedule a pick up/book a delivery yourself instead.

Where does Yogisattva deliver?

Currently, we are appeasing the people of Mumbai only. We offer delivery across Mumbai from Nariman Point till Thane and all the areas in between. Beyond Thane, currently we do not offer delivery.

When’s the latest I can order?

We take our last orders at 5pm to be processed for the same day delivery for items that are not 24 hours pre order. Any orders placed post 5pm will be processed for the next working day.

Is there a minimum order and what is the delivery charge?

No, we don't have a minimum order instead you can order based on what's convenient to you. Delivery is an additional cost that can be paid at the time of booking or you can choose to book the delivery logistics yourself and pay the rider directly.

What kind of ingredients does Yogisattva use?

We use organic ingredients. Wherever we cannot source organic ingredients, we use 100 percent natural replacements instead. 

All the ingredients that we use undergo a quality check process that ensures a top-notch meal quality experience for you. We source directly from organic farmers to support to ensure highest quality ingredients and help support their livelihoods. All our dry goods come from leading organic brands that are pioneers in their field. All our meals have no added preservatives or chemicals. 

Can I make special requests to my order?

While we’d love to accommodate your requests, we currently don’t have the provision to do so. 

When does Yogisattva deliver?

Yogisattva is open for orders everyday between 10am-6pm. All our 24-hour pre-order items are available for next day delivery only. The rest is available for immediate delivery. Depending on the area that you live in, delivery will be processed within one to three hours for items that are immediately available or the next day before 12pm for orders placed one day in advance before 6pm.

When’s the latest I can order?

We take our last orders at 5pm to be processed for the same day delivery. Any orders placed post 5pm will be processed for the next working day.

Is there a minimum order and what is the delivery charge?

Yes, we require a minimum order of Rs.1000/- to process any order for delivery. Delivery is an additional cost that can be paid at the time of booking or you can choose to pay the rider cash on delivery. We charge a flat fee of Rs 350/- for deliveries from Nariman Point to Thane.

Can I call to place an order?

While we prefer you place the order online via our website, please do WhatsApp us on 9867455009 in case you have any difficulty in placing an order. We’d be happy to assist you for the same.

How should I store and consume my order?

For freshly prepared meals, dips and desserts, storage in the fridge is advised. Savoury food should be consumed within the hour of arrival for maximum flavour. Desserts can be consumed over a period of 3 days to 1 month depending on what you order.

How can I cancel my order?

We don’t accept any cancellations as the food goes into preparation immediately when the order is placed, so kindly only place the order if you are sure. 

What if I’m not at home/office when the delivery arrives?

We will message you the delivery rider’s number on the day of delivery and you can coordinate the same from your end and provide him with an alternate solution. We are not responsible in case your order is misplaced or damaged in case you are not present to receive the delivery.

Are there any discounts on bulk orders?

To receive a discount we need the minimum order quantity to be over 100, if this is the case, reach out to us on WhatsApp on 9867455009 or on email [email protected] for the same. 

I made the payment, the money has been deducted from my account, but I haven’t received an order confirmation text. What now?

Please WhatsApp us on 9867455009 so we can help you resolve the issue immediately. 

Does Yogisattva provide refunds on orders?

Under no circumstance do we offer refunds, once an order has been prepared and taken for delivery we are no longer liable for a refund claim. Hence, we recommend you only place an order once you are sure about what you’d like.

I would like to report a technical problem?

If you are facing issues using the site, please reach out on WhatsApp us on 9867455009 or email us on [email protected] 


How does Yogisattva work?

1. Check the Classes/Culinary Courses Tab for the latest available options. Pick the workshop of your choice and add to cart.

2. Once payment has been made, you will receive a payment receipt in your inbox as a confirmation.

3. Cooking classes: you will receive the login information and all details needed for the class two days prior to the class. 

4. Culinary Courses: you will receive login information + password to access the course within 48 hours from the time of payment.

What is the difference between the Cooking Classes and Culinary courses?

All our cooking classes and culinary courses are conducted online. 

Cooking Classes are conducted as a Live Demonstration through the Zoom Communications App with Chef Raveena and the duration for the same is 2 hours. We highly recommend you download the same to avoid last minute delays.

Culinary Courses are certified courses with pre-recorded demonstrations by Chef Raveena offered via our website. All culinary courses have different time durations.

Do we get recipe sheets post the class?

Prior to the cooking class, we offer a list of ingredients with exact quantities for each recipe via email. 

For the culinary courses, you can download the PDF of the ingredient list directly from the website. 

The steps/methods of how to prepare the dishes will be taught live during the demonstration (cooking class/culinary courses). You are advised to keep a notebook and pen handy to take notes of the same.

Can multiple people watch a live class/culinary course by paying for one seat?

Each sign up is valid for one person only. If two or more people from the same family would like to sign up for a class/culinary course, you will need to purchase the same separately. If we notice this is not being followed, this will lead to removal from the class without a refund.

If we can’t make it to the live class, will a recording be provided after?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any recordings of live sessions post the class is conducted. So we request you to sign up for a live class only if you are 100 percent sure you can make it during that time slot.

If we have questions during the class where can we ask them?

For Cooking Classes: You can ask questions using the Chat Window of the Zoom App anytime during the class. However, Chef Raveena will answer the same once all the cooking demonstration is over. We try our best to answer all queries pertaining to the recipes taught within the time frame of the class.

For Culinary Courses: On completion of a culinary course, each participant gets to have a 30-minute Zoom Call with Chef Raveena to clarify any queries they may have regarding the recipes during the course. 

Hence, we advise you to take notes so that all your doubts and queries pertaining to the course can be answered.

If we have questions post the class/culinary course, where do we get our doubts cleared?

Over email on [email protected] and our team will respond to you within 24-48 hours. Kindly use email only to send your queries in, queries received through WhatsApp/Instagram DM’s will go unanswered. 

If I’d like to book a private class with Chef Raveena, how do I go about the same?

Private classes can only be offered on pre-existing menus that will consist of 4 items taught over a 2-hour demonstration with Chef Raveena. The cost for the private class will be Rs 25000/- plus taxes as applicable. The private class can have a minimum of one person to a maximum of four people. Reach out to us for more information and details to book the same on [email protected] 

Does Yogisattva provide refunds if you are unable to attend the class/course you signed up for?

For Live Classes: In case you can’t make it due to any personal emergency, you will need to inform us 24 hours prior/post the class. In that case, we will offer you the option of attending the same class with the same menu whenever it is repeated again with Rs 500/- taken off your total bill value. This offer has to be redeemed within a 6-month period for it to stay valid. No request post the mentioned time frame will be considered.

For Culinary Courses: If you are unable to finish the course within the time frame, no extension will be provided. Kindly make sure you sign up only when you have the time to finish the course. The duration and validity of the course is mentioned in the course description.

I would like to report a technical problem?

If you are facing issues using the site, please immediately WhatsApp us on 9867455009 or email us on [email protected]