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Yogisattva is India's First Whole Foods Plant Based Culinary Academy combined with a Farm to Fork Plant Based Cafe. Yogisattva literally translates as 'Yoga Being'. Yoga is an eight-fold path towards enlightenment. Every person is on a different stage of this eight fold path, making each individual a 'Yogisattva'. We conduct Certified Culinary Courses, regular Cooking Classes, private Cooking Lessons as well as cooking lessons for your home cook/maharaj. Additionally we provide private catering and food consultancy services. The goal of Yogisattva is to support farmers by buying organic produce across different farms in Maharashtra as well as to empower people with the knowledge on how to feed themselves with nutrient dense unprocessed food. All the food we teach and retail at our cafe is organic, vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free.



In 2014, I had a severe spine injury which led me to re-discover Yoga. It was during my journey in Ashtanga Yoga that I was introduced to raw and vegan food. The strength and focus I gained by being on this lifestyle was immeasurable. My digestive system felt great and my sleep pattern improved. My interest was piqued by the health benefits of unprocessed food and the eagerness to learn more took me to Bali where I trained as a Raw Food Chef at The Seeds Of Life in 2015. In 2015 and 2016, I received certification in Culinary Nutrition and Sports Nutrition with a focus in Raw and Plant Based Food from the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy in California. In 2017, I received my Ashtanga Teacher John Scott's blessing to teach and share this practice. In 2019, I qualified as an Advanced Vegan Diploma Graduate from Demuths in England.

What started out as me making smoothies for my friends post a workout session has now grown into something much bigger. Yogisattva now has a space of its own as a Culinary Academy, Yoga Studio and Retail Store located on the 7th Floor of Pinnacle House, Above Arth Restaurant, on 15th Road Khar.

As a certified Plant Based Chef and Yoga Teacher, my goal with Yogisattva is to encourage everyone to nourish themselves inside out. Eating unprocessed nutrient dense food is the way to truly nourish yourself, that means even if you're consuming ketchup, you must know how to make it yourself. I don't believe that one lifestyle suits everyone but I do believe that the closer you eat to nature, the healthier you are going to be. Organic, Seasonal and Local Produce is the key for you developing a sustainable lifestyle. Discover how to change your life one asana and one meal at a time with me at Yogisattva.

Raveena Taurani

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