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GUSH Shoes and Accessories – Sole Comfort

GUSH Shoes and Accessories – Sole Comfort

02nd August 2017


GUSH Shoes and Accessories – Sole comfort

Vrinda, a National Institute of Fashion Technology graduate was working as a head designer for a brand when her friend Manav, a Business Studies student approached her with the idea for GUSH. “Manav is a shoe fanatic but he used to have trouble finding shoes of his liking. Everything was mass produced and there was this sudden boom of fast fashion because of various brands coming in”, says Vrinda. “Being a vegetarian he wanted to create a line of non-leather products because there was an awareness that leather wasn’t a by-product anymore”, says Vrinda. Initially, the focus of the brand was to cater to only men who were looking for shoes that moved away from the standard designs available everywhere. The duo combined their ideas and launched a shoe brand focusing on Indian fabric and designs.

“Our main aim is to move away from leather. Right now we’re using faux leather but also looking to source pineapple or mushroom leather which are not easily available yet and are more expensive too”, says Vrinda. They are also sourcing organic canvas or a fabric made with organic thread for their shoes. Most of these fabrics are coloured using vegetable dyes. Each and every shoe is handmade right from the strap and sole cutting to finally putting straps on the soles. “The essence of wearing hand- made shoes was getting lost in the fast fashion world and this was something we want to stay rooted to”, says Vrinda.

The duo’s love for travel and nature is the inspiration behind all the designs available at GUSH Shoes and Accessories. GUSH’s last collection: ‘From The Earth To The Sky’, was inspired from the contrast of the desert and sky in Rajasthan. Every design used earthy colours such as the colour of leaves, sand, mud, as well as the colours of the sky and rainbow. Their upcoming collection titled ‘The Carnival’, takes inspiration from the beach, “we once went for a jog on a beach which still had a Ferris wheel, a man selling bubbles, a candy floss man etc. Those colours against the drab background of the beach looked so exciting. They were like a gush of childhood memories. So the current collection has solid drab colours with colourful and 3D work”, says Vrinda. Apart from shoes the brand also has an accessories line including necklaces. They are looking at expanding their collection to include summer scarves as well as quirky buntings for home décor.

The brand has a standard collection of styles available for both Men and Women, to which they keep adding more designs as per the season and festivals of India. Their current collection has around 40-50 designs. You can also request a custom-made shoe for yourself. GUSH products are currently available on Jaypore – the online marketplace, Aza and Creo stores in Mumbai.

GUSH products are currently available on Jaypore – the online marketplace, Aza and Creo stores in Mumbai.

Written by: Shirin Mehrotra
Edited by: Raveena Taurani
Image Credit: Meghna Bhalla
Video Edit Credit: Nishtha Sadwelkar
Styled by: Jaya Taurani
Makeup: Ritika Turakhia
Hair By: Suman

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